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Tuesday Tunes: Andy Norman

| May 11th, 2010 | 3 Comments »

Andy’s love affair with djing and clubs began back during the mid eighties after seeing the previous success of his older brother. At first just a lover of all forms of music his taste soon moved toward Soul and Dance music. You could regularly hear artists like Luther Vandross, Earth Wind & Fire & Loose Ends blearing out of his bedroom at home.

Andy’s journey started while running the legendary independent dance music record store ‘Vinylmania’ in Ealing, West London, during the late 80’s beginning of 90’s. The store became one of most well known and respected in the South East of England. During the late 80’s Andy struck up a friendship with Mark the creator of the now successful dance music compilationlabel Hed Kandi, at a small West London nightclub called Haven Stables also in Ealing.

He started working with label founder Doyle back in 1989; it was around that time they both began running local club nights that later went on to be legendary in West London. The early nights were named, ‘Freestyle’
and ‘Colours’ but the most popular and the now very well known night was ‘Back To Love’. These nights ran for a number of years. During these years Hed Kandi was born and one of the first releases went under the same title as the Back To Love night.

While working together with Doyle on their night, Andy worked as the resident dj at Heaven Stables on a Saturday nights. He enjoyed some great years there and forged a number of other partnerships with a couple of other club promoters and broadened his dj horizons.

Andy worked on the London club circuit under another DJ alias for a number of years, working at a number of top club events; The Crazy Club, Black And White Productions & The Wide Awake Club amongst others,
along side the likes of DJs Carl Cox, Brandon Block, Alex P, Smokin’ Jo & Fat Tony.

Another noticeable period during Andy’s djing years was a long relationship with the Epping Forest Country Club in Chigwell, Essex. Working as a resident for a few years kept Andy very busy and opened many more opportunities to work at some other venues in the East London and Essex area, namely Charlie Chans, Faces amongst others.

Well respected for playing numerous dance music styles over the years he has also played for a number of the UK’s top recording artists as The Pet Shop Boys and Jamiroquai.

At the turn of 2000 Andy went on to team up with Doyle at Hed Kandi after the label’s first year to assist on the label’s growth. In that period he provided significant input into a number of quality album releases for
Hed Kandi and the more soulful sister label, JazzFm records.

More opportunities arise and the chance to venture into radio while working with Hed Kandi was seized upon and the Hed Kandi radio show becomes a firm favourite with a new clubbing generation. He’s known as one of the voices behind the mike presenting radio shows that have enabled the brand to become the global phenomenon that is today.

Currently one of the main resident DJs of ‘Team Kandi’ Andy continues to grace some of the world’s greatest nightclubs across the globe; Australia, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, Russia & North America are just a
few of the many destinations where Andy has brought his dj style along with the sound of Hed Kandi. Still a part of the Kandi radio team, Andy presents a radio shows on Ministry Of Sound Radio.

He based his DJ style upon being somewhat of party-crowd pleaser, “If you play to the ladies, you are all but
guaranteed to have a great night!”.

As for future and some would say long overdue, Andy’s decided it’s about time to make the move into the
recording studio and produce some of his own music.

Tuesday Tunes: Satoshi Fumi

| May 4th, 2010 | 1 Comment »

During the 1990′s, he grew interested in the Detroit, Chicago and New York house movements. He absorbed and digested the different sounds of electronic music throughout that period, helping him to shape,develop and influence his own unique style. Satoshi’s production skills have matured enough today, allowing him the freedom to create, and as a DJ, to mix a variety of dance music styles together such as Techno, House, Click and Acid. In the same way he releases on many well known labels such as Yoshitoshi ,Urban Torque, Force Tracks etc…

For Satoshi, the opportunity of his lifetime as a producer arrived in 2002 when DC duo Deep Dish picked up his track “Protlex” and released it on their Yoshitoshi Recordings under the slight name change Satoshi Fume. Satoshi possesses a rich imagination, and will continue to be a prolific producer across many musical genres – building a strong discography the entire time as a result.

01. The Big Crunch-What To Say(Roman Fluegel Dub) [Versatile]
02 .Matthias Vogt -The_Way(Chinese Ghost Dub) [Urbantorque]
03. Lele Cecchini –Joia [Frequenza]
04. Nikola Gala-I Get U [Freerange]
05. Oxia Nicolas Masseyeff-Keep The Drums(Martinez Mix) [Tsuba]
06. Daniele Tignino-Woodanza [Bitten]
07. Jay Lumen-B Groove(Paul Ritch Remix) [Bitten]
08. Shlomi Aber-Groove Mechanism [Ovum]
09. Pitto-Feelin(Joris Voorn Cant Cick This Feelin When It Hits Mix) [Rejected]
10. James Ruskin,Mark Broom-No Time Soon [Blueprint]
11. Reset Robot-La Porte [Soma]
12. Mirko Loko-Love Harmonic(Carl Craigs Soundscape Remix) [Cadenza]
13. Satoshi Fumi-MH1(Father Hawk’s Touch) [Apt.International]

Satoshi is probably one of my biggest influences. The versatility and talent of this dude amazes me time and time again.

Tuesday Tunes: Latenta Project

| April 27th, 2010 | 1 Comment »

Where does a passion come from? How does it get to the point where once you find it, its all you want to do? Well in Macedonia at a tender young age of 11, Dimce found his passion when he was skipping classes to seek out music at his local record store. What he found that he liked best, was house music. At about the same time Miki, being the creative person he is, found his passion creating music while playing around with production software on his home computer in the early ‘90’s.

Miki (Inox) Stefanoski and Dimce (Dido) Filiposki met 7 years ago, over a chat service talking about the music they both love. Now living in the same city a short distance from each other, many nights are spent in their home studio sharing ideas, creating tracks and mixes to be shared with anyone willing to listen.

Latenta Project tracks have been played and supported by Laurent Garnier, Luke Fair, Desyn Masiello, Demi, Ricky Ryan, 16Bit Lolitas, Leigh Morgan, Nacho Marco, Spiritchaser, Eelke Klein, Satoshi Fumi, Ross Couch, James Talk, Kosmas Epsilon, Manuel Tur, Dana Bergquist, Harry Peat, Steve Mill, Spin Science, Sebastian Davidson, Scope, Add2Basket, Tom Morgan, Mike Haddad just to name a few…

What was a dream of producing proper house music is now a reality. Their first track ‘Good Morning’ woke everyone up including Ricky Ryan who used it for his mixed compilation on Proton Radio two years ago. Since then their tracks have been signed to numerous labels including Plastic City, Proton Music, Sick Watona, Ready Mix, Deepology, Witty Tunes, Outside The Box Music, Cabrio Records, Body Rhythm Black etc. Playing all over the Balkans from and even Dubai they are proving that a true passion can take you places. They both understand what it takes to move a crowd whether they are warming up for someone like Luke Fair or head-lining a full night set. “Its easy to select 20 peak-time bombs and play a 2 hour set but in a 5 or 6 hour set you really need to program the timing. Time and time again they have proved that their passion keeps the crowd not only attracted to the sounds bellowing out of the speakers but glued to the dance floor!

Another great set. If you enjoyed last Tuesday’s Milton Jackson set then you’ll like this even more!