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Vital Radio 179 – Hour 1: Tim Penner

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Tim Penner has been working in electronic music for over a decade. His experience has taken him on a journey through every beautiful corner of the industry. His productions have graced the track lists of the world’s leading artists and have geared him up towards a huge year in 2012. Tim seamlessly blends ideas, twists sound, and manipulates frequencies to create a mind bending style that stems from Techno, House, and Trance. To classify his work into a specific genre can be a challenge.

Tim’s track, “Misuto” was picked up by Arnej Music in September 2011 for a massive global compilation CD called “Musical Evolution”. This opportunity unleashed a whirlwind of originals and remixes in 2011. Since this release, Tim has signed on with Stripped Recordings, Replug, Blockhead Records, Fine Grind, and Hyped Music to name just a few. This explosion of music will hit shelves from November 2011 and into the new year.

Tim says: “We’re in an era beyond simply mixing songs. We’re venturing into a brand new world of true audio manipulation. Music is made of layers of frequencies that create the soundtrack to our lives. If you can harness this concept, you can innovate rather than imitate.”

01 DNYO & Tim Penner – From North (Tim Penner Remix) [Replug]
02 Mescis – Lately (Tim Penner Remix) [Hype Muzik]
03 Paula Pedroza – Eita! (Tim Penner’s Peak Time Performance Mix) [Stripped Digital]
04 Stevic – End Time [Fine Grind Audio]
05 Tim Penner – Sanctuary [Stripped Digital]
06 Tim Penner – I’m Sorry (Original) [TBA]
07 Tim Penner ft. Amber Long – Forgive Me [99Percent Recordings]
08 Paula Pedroza – Eita! (Tim Penner’s Tech Rub Mix)
09 DNYO – We Are All Here (Tim Penner Remix) [Konstrukt]
10 DNYO – Fringe (Tim Penner Remix) [Indigo Records]


Vital Radio 179 – Hour 2: Electric Rescue

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A few french electronic music artists combine experience, avant-gardism and guaranteed success on dance floors as Electric Rescue does. Fastly noticed by references as Laurent Garnier, he is nowadays signed on the most impressive labels : Cocoon Recordings, Boys Noize Records, Sci + Tech, AFU limited, Communiqué, Subject, etc.

This artist coming from the first french raves is able to rock any party with his ultra dynamic Techno and sensual flights of tunes. Promoting his own labels Calme Records and Skryptöm (Popof, Umek, Laurent Garnier, Mark Broom, Scan X, Woody Mc Bride, Thomas P Heckmann, Danton Eeprom, Maxime Dangles, etc.), Electric Rescue is a real passionate, flushing out big tubes and new talents (Julian Jeweil, Commuter…). His reputation is done in France. Resident at the Rex Club (Skryptöm parties) and organising «Play» rave parties in Paris, he invited and played with the most famous international Dj’s.

Globetrotter, Electric Rescue travels all over stages, playing dj sets or proposing his new live impressively efficient according to all Electro generations. Acclamed by the public as by professionals, he got the opportunities to produce himself on flagship clubs and events as Club Tresor (Berlin), Air Club (Tokyo), Moog (Barcelona), Herr Zimmerman (Rotterdam), Decadence (Gent), The Egg and East Village Club (London), Amsterdam Dance Event, Astropolis Festival (Fr), Nordik Impakt festival (Fr).

01 – S_W_Z_k – end of the line old boy – tresor
02 – multiple mono – go fish – minus 12
03 – spitzer – sergen – infine
04 – phil kieran, burglar tom & bush tetras – snakes crawl – PK recordings
05 – rework – touch yourself – remain remix – meant records
06 – oliver huntemann – tasmanian tiger – ideal audio recording
07 – max cooper & jeet – fisted – herzblut recordings
08 – roland m dill – tacit blue – herzblut recording
09 – mark reeve – planet green – cocoon recording
10 – alberto pascual – last train to party – plus 8 recording
11 – cosmin TRG – vertigo – 50 weapons
12 – nathan fake – sense head – border community
13 – pierre delort & remy maurin – KOPAD – skryptom demo
14 – Traumer – Night Moves – Skryptom 12
15 – Electric Rescue – Dope (2012 Rework) – Bedrock Records


Vital Radio 177 – Hour 2: Maxime Dangles

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Still young but already a member of the famous Kompakt label team, from Cologne, Maxime Dangles is considered as one of the main leader of the French electronic “avant- garde” scene.

Born in 1985, Maxime discovered very young, at 15, the world of nightclubbing. He quickly became a very good dj but he also learnt how to create his own music on computer programs.

In 2004, he started to work on remixes and edits projects before developing his own musical imprint.
In 2006, he decided to send some of his works to the famous label Kompakt. The answer came back to Maxime a few days later: his first EP, called « Noémie » was going to be released in September on Speicher!
Since then he has been releasing various EP’s, on labels such as Speicher, K2, Scandium, etc. In 2009, he joined the Skryptöm team and signed a remix for Scan X, along with Laurent Garnier and Julian Jewel. The year 2009 is also bringing big remixes, one for Miss Kittin & The Hacker, on their last duet LP “Two”. He also made official remixes for very famous pop artists: Simian Mobile Disco, Röyksopp, Moby, etc.

Lately, one of his tracks, «dysnoptik» was included on the annual compilation “Kompakt total 11”.
Very hard worker, innovative and creative artist, founder of 2 new projects (WIP with Kony & Danzca with Paul Nazca), developing big live shows, Maxime’s passion, colour and personnal influences will necessary make him rising up in the International electronic scene.



Vital Radio 174 – Hour 1: Boris the Spyder

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A true wizard of vinyl, Boris The Spyder has been a legend on the Russian clubbing scene for over two decades and here he demonstrates why he is such a force in driving the scene forward with his highly individual and original take on electronic dance music.

Deep, hypnotic, driving beats and layers of FX and twisted vocal samples are the order of the days on ‘Do You Remember’ as Boris keeps things innovative and exciting. ‘Flight To Moscow’ is a culture clash with its percussive, Latino-edged groove and airline pilot vocal snippets as it takes off to heavenly heights with hips swinging wildly. Finally, ‘It’s Time’ explores the swinging percussion theme further as it builds into an infectious dubbed out groove-a-thon.

Boris The Spyder currently works his vinyl magic in one of Moscow’s best clubs, Krysha Mira, as a resident DJ and music editor. His musical education started at secretive college parties he attended in the 1980s, dancing to Kraftwerk, Art of Noise, Jean-Michel Jarre and Depeche Mode. These early impressions influenced his musical taste a lot, Spyder’s philosophy is all about mixing and matching genres that may seem incompatible. This is a result of his diverse musical background and his interest in different styles. “I buy all sorts of records, from all sorts of labels… The most important thing is to be aware of everything that is happening: this is the only way to keep up with the general rhythm of the planet,” he comments. “I know how to make jazz connoisseurs appreciate a trance track, and I can play jazz that will get a trance crowd dancing.”

His legendary DJ sets are pure magic and this debut single release for RA:DAR is a snapshot of the experimentation and originality that make Boris The Spyder one of the most exciting musical forces in Russia today.

01. Dop Q – Present Moment (Boris The Spyder Rmx) (RA:DAR)
02. Boris The Spyder – Target Is In The Middle (RA:DAR)
03. Fish & Spyder – It’s A Very Special (RA:DAR)
04. Fish & Spyder – Asteroid A-25 (RA:DAR)
05. Boris The Spyder – What About This Time (RA:DAR)
06. Boris The Spyder Feat. Abe Duque – Love & Light (RA:DAR)
07. Boris The Spyder – Do You Remember (RA:DAR)
08. Boris The Spyder – After Z (2012 Regroove) (RA:DAR)


Vital Radio 172 – Hour 2: Dj Hal

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With over ten years of releasing music and DJing across the world, DJ HAL has played to crowds of 20,000 plus, on beaches filled with movie stars at the Cannes Film Festival, and still manages to hold down a number of residencies in the UK.

HAL gets his name from the malfunctioning genius super computer in Stanley Kubrick’s movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”, a nickname he picked up after blowing the minds of his long-time compatriots from the West Coast – Hardkiss.

With his hugely diverse taste in music, he is able to play to all kinds of crowds, in all kinds of countries, in all kinds of weather, and is as comfortable playing alongside David Guetta as he is playing with Fat Boy Slim.  HAL is resident at one of the UK’s best underground clubs “Stealth”, where he plays alongside other residents Matt Tolfrey and Jo Jo de Freq.  He also makes regular guest appearances at “Spectrum”and “Gatecrasher”.

With his love of all things house and tech, he has entertained the Hollywood elite, with guest appearances at Pierre Cardin’s summerhouse, and the Brazilian football team’s beach celebrations. He has a reputation for filling a dance floor full of beautiful women and a groove that sends them wild.
He is not to be missed, so catch him if you can – anytime, anyplace, anywhere.



Vital Radio 168 – Hour 1: MSZ

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MSZ is Maciek Sztel from the outskirts of Toronto.

He’s currently got an exclusive deal with Mistiquemusic, and is well on his way to becoming one of Canada’s rising stars when it comes to progressive.

Having played at lounges around the city, MSZ is moving on to bigger projects, and larger venues.  Definitely one to keep an eye on, MSZ is taking over hour one of Vital Radio, Episode 168.

01. Blue Haze – How To Escape Yourself (Lank Mix 1)
02. Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan – Simplicity (Parham & Dominic Plaza Remix)
03. Rodskeez – Sbs (Kasey Taylor Remix)
04. MSZ – Formisia (Original mix)
05. Noa & Deersky – Phoras (MSZ’s Airtight Remix)
06. Niko Fantin – Crispy (Original mix)
07. SQL – Freckles (Original mix)
08. Sahar Z & Guy Mantzur – Sneaky Monkey (Guy J Remix)
09. D-Nox & Beckers – I Will Rise (Guy J Remix)
10. Eelke Kleijn – Levensgenieter (Original Mix)
11. Chris Lake – Santiago De Cuba (Original mix)


Vital Radio 165 – Hour 2: Aaizu Yazoo

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Aaizu started his career as a deejay at the age of 17, under the name of Jordi Sanche.  He played in different clubs and on a number of radio programs across Barcelona.  He figured that he looked so good with headphones on that he’d head to Lloret de Mar, where he climbed that ranks playing alongside the best internationals. Think Dj Tiesto, Johan Gielen, Dj Jochen, Cor Fijneman, Marco V, Dark Raver, Dj Jean, Yves Deruyter, Stefano Noferini, Dave Lambert, Dj Phillip, Carlos Francisco, Klubbheads, Dj Chuckie & Mc Ambush, Sir colin, Christopher S… just to name a few.)

Since then he’s changed to his Aaizu Yazoo moniker, and has started working with Fresco Records in Barcelona.  Tonight he’s behind the decks on the Vital Radio Guestmix.

01.Ohm Hourani – Last Time Gambler (Adis & Espada Remix)
02.The Flying Mustards – Dont Stop
03.Daniel Steinberg – Rush Me (Format B Remix)
04.Danic – Kodi
05.Mihalis Safras & Kiko Tsiko
06.Adrian Hour – Did The Earth Move
07.Umek & Beltek – Rasta Voice
08.Format B – Atomizer
09.Federico Scavo, Danny Freakazoid & Strobe – Feroda
10.Marco Lys – Kaleido
11.Konstantin Yoodza – Enchanted Town
12.Sebastien Leger – Bubbly
13.Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Alex Metric Remix)


Vital Radio 164 – Hour 2: Richie G

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Richie G is a prodigiously talented eighteen-year-old electronic music producer and DJ from Montreal, Canada, who you should already have on your music radar having released his debut, self-produced, “Baum” EP on Haçienda Records last year and his previous remixes for Traum and, not forgetting, Luis Junior’s “BG” (Bed91) when he was only fifteen!

He has received great support from within the Montreal scene and from this springboard has also pricked up the ears of major names such as John Digweed, Sasha, James Zabiela and Hernan Cattaneo (who along with Jesper Dahlback also remixed “Vorbendacht” from the “Baum” EP).

“Eterna” and “But Her Fly” display all the hallmarks of the supremely sumptuous techno-edged electronic music that Richie G produces. Euphoric, beautiful, highly individual and inventive in equal measures, his depth of musical knowledge and finely honed production skills belie his young age. Bedrock brings you two superb tracks from one of the hottest talents around in 2012.

01. Guy J – Shining
02. Pele – Nothing Else
03. Kolsch – Opa
04. SCNTST – Globus
05. Christian Smith – Get It Done
06. Guy J – My Thought Of You (Sian Rmx)
07. Par Grindvik, Billie (SE) – Hold, Doubt, Back
08. Dominik Eulberg – Die 3 Millionen Musketiere (GarbielAnanda Rmx)
09. Richie G – But Her Fly
10. Bart Skils – Burnin`
11. Richie G – Eterna
12. FC Kahuna – Hayling (Max Cooper Rmx)


Vital Radio 150 – Hour 2: Kevin Thom

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Kevin Thom is a Toronto Dj/Producer getting set for some big things. Host of the IntFi podcast, and getting his feet wet with gigs across the fine city of Toronto.

Watch this space, and remember that you heard him here first  on Vital Radio.




1. Moonbeam – Motus (Applescal Remix) [Traum]
2. Henry Saiz – Taped Memories, Voice Notes, Still Moments, Through An Old Radio In A Ghostly Artificial Paradise (Original Mix) [Balance]
3. Ryan Davis – Supernova (Max Rieger Remix) [Traum]
4. Underset – Berlin (Original Mix) [Balance]
5. Dosem – August Lovers (Original Mix) [Natura Sonoris]
6. Andrew Bayer – Distractions – Movement 2 (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
7. Andrew Bayer – Distractions – Movement 4 (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
8. Infusion – Love & Imitation (Guy J Remix) [Vapour]
9. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Bilder (King Unique Rebild) [Bedrock]
10. Martin Roth – Alaçati (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
11. John Tejada – Subdivided (Original Mix) [Kompakt]
12. Gran Cavaliere – Dancing Alma (Original Mix) [Klangwelt]
13. CardioWave – Long Island (Original Mix) [Cinematique]
14. SQL – Leisure Battery (Original Mix) [Proton]
15. Funk D’Void – Diabla (Christian Smith & Wehbba Remix) [Soma]
16. Funk D’Void – Diabla (Joash Remix) [Soma]
17. Art vs. Science – Magic Fountain (Royalston Remix) [Hospital]
18. Funk D’Void – Diabla (Metrik Remix) [Soma]
19. Fred V & Grafix – Room to Breathe (Original Mix) [Allsorts]
20. Blokhe4d – The Way Life Used To Be (Original Mix) [Hospital]


Vital Radio 138 – Hour 2: Guy J

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Guy J is a young, much-in-demand, innovative producer, DJ and live act, whose infectious production talents, busy worldwide touring schedule, electric live shows and groundbreaking debut album on Bedrock (released in 2008) have all led to this point and the creation of his stunning new masterpiece: “1000 Words”.

Along with a handful of his fellow countrymen, this young Israeli (now based in Antwerp, Belgium) is now at the forefront of a movement towards the melody-rich and emotionally charged roots of the house music spectrum. “1000 Words”, spread over 3 CDs on John Digweed’s forward thinking Bedrock label showcases the extraordinary talents of Guy J.

His productions have constantly earned praise and gained many fans for their tight, driving beats, shimmering, warm synths and blossoming, journey like arrangements. Across 3 CDs he is given the space to explore the exciting, timeless space between ambient, experimental electronica, house, techno and beyond. Throughout, he constantly maintains a melodic and highly emotive core, creating a body of work structured and presented in a highly creative way.

Tonight, Guy J takes over the Vital Radio Guestmix!

1.Guy J – Lamur (AM mix)
2.Jeff Bennet – Induction
3.Guy J – Limbo
4.Patch Park – Not my best behavior
5.Spooky – Deep space (Guy J mix)
6.Guy J & Miriam Vaga – No under but you
7.Guy J – Azimuth
8.Patch Park – Mutant (Marc Marzenit mix)
9.Timo Maas – Kick 1 Kick 3 (Maetrik mix)
10.Guy J – Easy as can be (Tom Middleton mix)