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Liberated @ Libra Lounge – May 9, 2010

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Definitely not the busiest night we’ve seen at Libra Lounge but, by the beard of zeus, was the vibe ever amazing when I showed up. Had to attend an engagement party for two of my good friends so we rolled-in around 12:30 when DJ Ups was wrapping up. The boys had things WELL under control.

One of my favorite things about our lovely Toronto residency is the consistently electric vibe that takes hold of you as soon as you enter the venue. More of the same in a few weeks – I’ll be back at Libra on Saturday, May 29th alongside the always stellar Aren DeJong and your Vital Radio host, DJ Endgame.

I think our camera man was having entirely too much fun to take photos anyhow ;)

Liberated @ Libra Lounge – April 17, 2010

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If you didn’t make it out to Libra Lounge this past Saturday night here’s what you missed – many a sexy birthday girl. See you all next time on Saturday, May 8th as we celebrate what I am sure will be another set of fantastic birthday peoples!

Don’t forget that starting in May we’re moving to our summer party schedule – that means twice the good times!

We’re Giving Away FREE 50$ Beatport Gift Cards

| April 16th, 2010 | 1 Comment »

We’re inviting you to invite your friends to become fans of Vital Radio for a chance to win one of many $50 gift cards that we’ll be giving away. If you’re a Vital Facebook Fan, you’re already entered – and to make your chances even better, invite your friends, because you’ll be eligible the again, next time we hit a 50 fan plateau!

On the left hand side of our Facebook page you’ll see a link to “Suggest to Friends”. Simply invite your friends to join our page for a chance to win! At every interval of 50 (as of my writing this we have 188 fans) we’re going to randomly select one lucky fan who will recieve $50 to go on a shopping spree! That means we’re giving away $50 of Beatport cash when we hit 200, 250, 300, 350 and so on – all the way to 500.

So what are you waiting for? We’re just getting started so your chances are pretty good! Just one more way we’re trying to up the ante and make the Vital Radio experience awesome for you. Make sure you leave a comment on the post about this on our Facebook page to increase your chances to win!

Congrats to Kim Worthington and Michael Kettler! The First two winners of our Beatport gift card giveaway! Woo hoo!

Libra Lounge – This Saturday! Also, FREE Beatport Gift Cards.

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Thank god it’s Friday. The best part about it? Other than Beer O’Clock being almost within our grasp – Liberated @ Libra Lounge goes down tomorrow night! The weather is just getting nice here in Toronto as we gear up for another night at our favorite King St. hot spot.

Libra Lounge – 391 King St W. (Doors @ 9:30 PM)

And we’ve got good news: Starting in May and throughout the summer we’ll be moving from monthly events to bi-weekly to satiate our collective desires to party all summer long. We’ll be having our official inaugural summer party on Saturday, May 29th but look for another Libra night announced very shortly – sometime in the first two weeks of May.

We’ll be handing out copies of Libra Summer Sessions at our inaugural summer party-  the first of many compilation discs we’re putting together in collaboration with the folks at Libra, so stay tuned for that!

Even more exciting is the fact that we’re giving away FREE STUFF! Watch out for an announcement here very shortly about how you can win one of many $50 gift cards we’ll be giving away – Shibby!

That’s all for today – see you at Libra Lounge this Saturday. I’ll be the guy triple fisting Heineken.

Avantgarde Dance Shenanigans

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There is no shortage of funky, avantgarde dance moves when Vital is involved. Here are some of the so fresh and so clean dance moves of some of Vital’s favorite Toronto people:

Have your own clever dance maneuvers? Share them with us!

The Chugsalot:

The Karate Kid:

Zee Master Chef(ette):

The Spiderman:

The P ‘Arrrrr’ ty Pirate:

The Invisible Box:

The Hail Mary:

The Shotgun:

The Tune-Analyzer:

The Classic Cheers:

The Richard Nixon:

The Stationary Cactus:

The Chun-Li:

The Laundry Inspector:

The Crystal Ball: