Aren DeJong


Aren De Jong is easily the best “sleeper” musical artist in his hometown of Toronto. This Canadian house & progressive talent is among the top rising producer/DJ/engineer combos in the past decade. Current and forthcoming releases on several international labels in just the past few months are keeping him busy both in and out of the studio. Experience in the city’s better-known venues have led the path for him to know how the next best music should be delivered. “Nothing short of power and quality” is one of the many ways to describe his work in DJ booths, and studios alike.

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David Akermanis & Signal SixCasino NightsAddex ; David Akermanis ; Signal SixEmotive VibesListen
David Akermanis & Signal SixCassie's LawDavid Akermanis ; Signal SixAurora Music/Black SwanListen
Blue NoteCassiopeiaSignal Six & David AkermanisEmotive VibesListen
Nick CenikDiminished CapacitySignal Six4Play TraxListen

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