Vital Radio 180 – Hour 1: Mahan M2J Javadi

| Thursday, September 6th, 2012 | No Comments »

M2J (Mahan Javadi) always brings something new to the table. Holding no musical boundaries, M2J spins a wide range of Electronic Music ranging from Techno to House, Breaks and more.

The intent is to always keep crowds excited and guessing. Flowing from style to style, his DJ sets revolves around music, rather than specific genres. Listeners experience something new each time with music that evokes strong emotional responses though experimentation in sound, noise & rhythm.


1. Milton Jackson Rogue Element (Jimpster Remix)
2. Denis Horvat – Decent Player (Original Mix)
3. Dean Baker – Angel Delights (Original Mix)
4. Le French Brasserie – Sunflowers (Original Mix)
5. Chiqito – Bass Keeps Pumpin (Original Mix)
6. Wally Lopez & Richard Dinsdale – Switch (Ismael Rivas & Bias Factomania Remix)
7. Glitter – Show Time (Original Mix)
8. David Penn, Oscar De Rivera & Rober Gaez – Sambarah (Original Mix)
9. Alexander Dennon & D.F.K. – La Tribu (Original Mix)
10. Brick City – Rumba Magic ( DJ Chus & David Herrero Remix)
11. David Penn, DJ Chus & Abel Ramo – Keep On Jumpin’ (The New Iberican League Original Mix)
12. Jorge Montia, Albert Aponte – Mar De Leva (Original Mix)

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