Vital Radio 174 – Hour 1: Boris the Spyder

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A true wizard of vinyl, Boris The Spyder has been a legend on the Russian clubbing scene for over two decades and here he demonstrates why he is such a force in driving the scene forward with his highly individual and original take on electronic dance music.

Deep, hypnotic, driving beats and layers of FX and twisted vocal samples are the order of the days on ‘Do You Remember’ as Boris keeps things innovative and exciting. ‘Flight To Moscow’ is a culture clash with its percussive, Latino-edged groove and airline pilot vocal snippets as it takes off to heavenly heights with hips swinging wildly. Finally, ‘It’s Time’ explores the swinging percussion theme further as it builds into an infectious dubbed out groove-a-thon.

Boris The Spyder currently works his vinyl magic in one of Moscow’s best clubs, Krysha Mira, as a resident DJ and music editor. His musical education started at secretive college parties he attended in the 1980s, dancing to Kraftwerk, Art of Noise, Jean-Michel Jarre and Depeche Mode. These early impressions influenced his musical taste a lot, Spyder’s philosophy is all about mixing and matching genres that may seem incompatible. This is a result of his diverse musical background and his interest in different styles. “I buy all sorts of records, from all sorts of labels… The most important thing is to be aware of everything that is happening: this is the only way to keep up with the general rhythm of the planet,” he comments. “I know how to make jazz connoisseurs appreciate a trance track, and I can play jazz that will get a trance crowd dancing.”

His legendary DJ sets are pure magic and this debut single release for RA:DAR is a snapshot of the experimentation and originality that make Boris The Spyder one of the most exciting musical forces in Russia today.

01. Dop Q – Present Moment (Boris The Spyder Rmx) (RA:DAR)
02. Boris The Spyder – Target Is In The Middle (RA:DAR)
03. Fish & Spyder – It’s A Very Special (RA:DAR)
04. Fish & Spyder – Asteroid A-25 (RA:DAR)
05. Boris The Spyder – What About This Time (RA:DAR)
06. Boris The Spyder Feat. Abe Duque – Love & Light (RA:DAR)
07. Boris The Spyder – Do You Remember (RA:DAR)
08. Boris The Spyder – After Z (2012 Regroove) (RA:DAR)

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