Vital Radio 172 – Hour 1: Aren DeJong

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He has held gigs at several hot spots including, Toronto’s System Soundbar, Waterloo’s Vault Lounge, Paradigm United’s renegade stage at WEMF, Toronto’s YNot Lounge, Kung Fu Lounge & Maxine Lounge in Miami, Toronto’s Chelsea Room, Toronto’s Kool Lounge and many more to come.  Aren’s taste in delicious house, trance and finite progressive music coupled his love for seriously groovy sounds let him energize crowds and keep people moving.  Through vinyl and CD collections of tune after tune, he enjoys the rush of spinning for any size crowd and passionately seeks quality in his work and its delivery. Thanks to his training as an audio engineer, Aren has the technical know-how and motivation to take on a career in the entertainment/ music industry.

Continually striving for the next best sound, Aren also produces the same genres he spins, under the aliases: Anthill, Desonica, and Signal Six. Keep an ear out for Mr. de Jong as he systematically takes on the nightclub scene and his other future endeavours.
1. The  Bitch Hotel – the Bitch Hotel (Gambafreaks mix)
2. The Black Project ft Franky S – Off the Wall (Tradelove remix)
3. Valero – Wavin Street (original mix)
4. Gutterpunk – Up 2 11 (The Yank remix)
5. FormatB – Piano Man (original mix)
6. DJ Smilk & Vetto – Chicago (original mix)
7. Crazibiza – Eastchester (Crazy mix)
8. The Cube Guys – La Banda (Instrumental mix)
9. Federico Scavo & Andrea Guzzoletti – Strump (original mix)
10. Trent Cantrelle – I Want a Freak (original mix)
11. Wattle Green – Gotta Have It (original mix)
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