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Our delightful radio show has had plenty of play (wink wink) in the past couple years since we started. We’ve had hundreds of thousands of plays via our podcasts and streams from our website. The most exciting community, however, to see our music thrive in, is definitely that of

Soundcloud brings even more love with the analytic data that comes with the dashboard. It’s telling us great things, thanks to all of the listeners like you who play, download and comment on our shows that we post on soundcloud.

Here’s a handy dandy run-through of our stats (stat-hungry people pay attention!)…

 Top 9 Listened items
1Vital Radio 087 - Hour 2: Seamus Haji
2Phoenix - 1901 (Mahan Javadi vs Signal Six Remix)
3Vital Radio 124 - Hour 1: Dj Endgame
4Vital Radio 132 - Hr2: Steve Aoki
5Vital Radio 124 - Hour 2: Bass Kleph
6Vital Radio 139 - Hour 2: Morgan Page
7Vital Radio 145 - Hr 2 - David Jones
8Vital Radio 145 - Hr 1 - Mahan M2J Javadi
9Signal Six & Mahan Javadi - Articles of Bliss
 Top 5 Downloaded items
1Vital Radio 087 - Hour 2: Seamus Haji
2Vital Radio 124 - Hour 1: Dj Endgame
3Phoenix - 1901 (Mahan Javadi vs Signal Six Remix)
4Vital Radio 124 - Hour 2: Bass Kleph
5Vital Radio 132 - Hr2: Steve Aoki
 Top 10 Listener Countries
5United Kingdom

Note: Please understand the stats span only from March 2010 to November 2011. We’ve been on Soundcloud for longer, but stats are likely reset upon request, and/or upon renewal of accounts.

So we’d like to invite our friends everywhere else to dive into the show! our USA and Canadian friends are already addicted, and we want more of you to do the same! There’s no such thing as too much music for when you’re driving, running, working out, loving, dancing, drinking, coding, typing, building, or anything! Our show airs in several formats as you can see on the right side of this post.

Get a listen to our sets at they appear in the soundcloud player on our main home page, or directly at the soundcloud page at , where you can comment and favourite the stuff you hear and then we can bring you even more amazing tunes and mixes.

Once gain, a huge THANK YOU from all 4 of us at Vital Radio to all of you for tuning into the show for a regular balanced diet of fresh electronic music.

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