The Tunes That You Probably Forgot About (Or Maybe Never Even Heard Yet)

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Sitting here at lunch, with my headphones blown out, and no way to listen to my tunes, I’ve had some time to contemplate some musical musings.

As I was thumbing through my portable music library I began to find great tracks that I forgot about, were underrated, or simply didn’t get the play I think they deserved.

I’m sure that we could put together a pretty impressive list of these kinds of tunes – I’ll get it started:


Prodigy – Diesel Power

Great tune from my favourite Prodigy album “The Fat of The Land”. If you’ve got some subwoofers that need testing, this track is the one to do it.

YouTube Preview Image


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Chris Lake – Secrets in the Dark (Original Mix)

This is a relatively new tune from Chris Lake, and I think it’s in the running for “Track of the Year”.  Doesn’t seem like everyone’s as taken with it as I am (yet).

YouTube Preview Image


Celldweller – Switchback (Elevation & Kenneth Thomas Remix)

Breakbeat + Progressive + Kenneth Thomas + some wicked vocals.

YouTube Preview Image


MIKE – Sunrise at Palamos (Original Mix)

One of my favourite MIKE tracks. Was reworked by Gareth Emery, but without the power of the original.

YouTube Preview Image


Starecase – Not So Blue (Original Mix)

This one was championed by John 00 Fleming in days gone by. I’d consider it a classic.

YouTube Preview Image


I’m sure any oldschool vinyl slingers will have some gems in their record box that they haven’t heard in a while.  What’s the big one in your collection that people haven’t checked out yet?

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