Vital’s Field Trip to the (Electric) Zoo!

| Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 | 3 Comments »

Electric Zoo is a monster outdoor electronic music festival that stretches over 2 days, and happens on Randalls Island in New York City. The lineup is intense. With over 70 electronic artists on 4 main stages, its going to be a wild 48 hours in the Big Apple.

Check out the roster!

With so many musical masterminds in one place, how could we not ship some of the Vital crew down to see what Electric Zoo has to offer?  The V-Team consists of @smuncky, @robloach and @djendgame along with a few other regular Vital shenanigan seekers.

For those who don’t have the chance to head down to the party this weekend, I’ll  give you a blow-by-blow review of what New York and the Electric Zoo have to offer this year.

[All the updates will be blogged about here, and quick updates at]

If you’re in NYC fire me a tweet - Let me know what your plans are this EZ weekend!

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  • David Akermanis

    Sad that I can't join you guys but happy to be headed to Cancun :)

  • Dj Endgame

    Tough life eh Dave? lol

  • David Akermanis

    So tough. I'll think of you while I drink Tequila straight from the bottle, in a hot tub, on my balcony overlooking the ocean.