Your First Dip Into the Digital Music Pool

| Monday, June 7th, 2010 | 2 Comments »

Lets go back.

Lets go back to a time where Flash was a trendy Macromedia thing, where Real Player was a real enemy, and where 56K was a pretty freakin’ decent internet connection.

I think for many of us, it was also a time of internet downloading naïveté. A large majority of us didn’t realize that downloading music was something that could affect the musical economy – It was just one of those new exciting ways to get a hold of your favourite track.

Things have changed since the Napster days, and many of us (myself included) have matured (sort of) and now hit the digital music stores to get our tunes.

But what I want to know is; 
What was that first track that you ever downloaded? Ever.

No matter how embarrassing or terrible…or even if it was a mislabeled mp3 (Weren’t those fun, downloading Haddaway and hearing Celine Dion? I shudder at the thought.)

I’ll get it started. My first download was both cheesy and embarrassing. But still awesome.

Check it:

Fill us in – what was your first download (legal or otherwise). Can you top the cheesy-ness of my first D/L? Aqua? Backstreet Boys?

Post your first in the comments below, or shoot us a tweet @vitalradio

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  • David Akermanis

    Oh man… That's an easy one:

  • john skrobak aKa DJJONNYLAW

    ha, funny as i was going thru my mp3s, i was listening to some trax i had Dl'd and thought 2 myself, what was i thinking when i listened/bought this…. back in '99, i bought this as my first download, and unknowingly, bought 3-5 times, bc i “Wasnt sure if it downloaded correctly.”…