..And subways go underground too!

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So, this post was inspired by a twitter update made by our very own @DavidAkermanis talking about Jamiroquai being decent music for the commute to work.

If you ride the subway, you can easily relate to this slick track, “Jamiroquai – Deeper Underground“..

YouTube Preview Image

And guess what, it has an interesting electro-house remix by ‘Metro Station‘ too!..

YouTube Preview Image

For those of you looking for a more deep-house (yes, deep house to go deep underground, indeed) experience, I proudly report I had this one on vinyl (but seem to have lost it, shame on me) and it’s quite a fancy remix…

YouTube Preview Image

Fitting music in the subway if you’re rockin’ some big headphones? YES!

I’m pretty sure all of these are available on Beatport and/or iTunes.

I’m glad I shared this with you.

- Aren

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