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Several synonyms spring to mind when trying to describe the role Milk & Sugar have had on house music in Germany. The words, pioneers, leaders, forerunners, or pathfinders all match, but somehow does not quite captivate the core of their impact. These guys belong to the first ambassadors of this genre and were wearily smiled upon by sceptics in the mid 90s whilst trying to break into the industry. However, Michael “Milk” Kronenberger and Steffen “Sugar” Harning directly hit the nail on the head with their intuitive feel for trends and futuristic sound.

In actual fact, in the beginning, everything seemed to be working against them and almost no label was interested in their first productions. However, Michael and Steffen decided to view their rejection from several labels as a positive sign that it might be the right time to take things into their own hands and consequently started their own label. The result, Milk & Sugar Recordings, features not only personal productions from the Munich duo, but also releases from internationally known artists such as Robbie Rivera or kiD Alex.

The founding of the label did by no means influence their studio work and Milk & Sugar could still continue to bestow upon the house-crazed club communities tunes such as ”Higher And Higher”, “Love Is In The Air” or ”Let The Sun Shine”, who are still up til today proven classics which
also did very well on the international scene. In 2007 for example, their track, “Stay Around For This”, apart from being the most successful house track in Brazil, also reached the top of the UK club charts twice within a period of 13 months.

Judging from their references, MILK & SUGAR are also well sought-after as re-mixers and have in their career path, already worked on tracks with popular artists such as Jamiroquai, Usher, Janet Jackson and Reamonn. Every weekend you can be sure to find MILK & SUGAR on the decks in the hottest clubs all around the world, stirring up the local crowds on the dance floor with their tried and tested interpretations of house music. Be it Brazil, Japan, South Africa or even Siberia – there are not very many places left on the globe where their record cases have not yet been.

Hat tip to our resident awesome photo man @Smuncky for pointing me in the direction of this great Milk & Sugar set. Their tracks are a regular staple at many a Vital event. Be sure to catch us this Saturday at Libra Lounge in Toronto for more of the same.

01. K. & Saly It´s Time (Groovemaster K. Dub)
02. Milk & Sugar feat Ayak Let The Love (Take Over) (Muzzaik Remix)
03. Soulmagic We love this Music (Original Mix)
04. Reboot Enjoy Music (Riva Starr Rmx)
05. John Dahlback Love Inside (Dub)_MMEDIT
06. Carl Hanaghan & My Digital Enemy Subida
07. Richard Grey vs Todd Terry Something’s Going On 2010 (Antranig Remix)
08. Shana_Out Vocal Mix
09. Photon Inc Generate Power (Soul Avengerz Club Soda)
10. Milk & Sugar feat Ayak You Got Me Burning (M&S Global Mix)
11. Saeed Younan Yeah Ha – Original Mix
12. Dennis Ferrer Sinfonia Della Notte (John Dahlback Remix)
13. Ministers De La Funk I Feel Love (Danism & Michael Gray Dub)
14. Audiowhores Rhythm Is Love (Original Mix)

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