The Amazing MN2S 15th Anniversary Compilation

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If you like everything soulful and funky within the realm of electronic dance music, you should be well aquainted with MN2S by now. Home to some of my favorite producers (e.g. Timmy Vegas, Grant Nelson, Alex Gaudino & many more), MN2S is a force to be reckoned with.

Almost 15 vocal Milk‘n’2 Sugars years have flown by. In true celebratory style, MN2S have amassed a stunning string of vocal beauties to please your ears – with the very best of their past, present, and future tracks to date.

Splitting the compilation into three competing segments, the first two concentrate on the girls and the guys – with top trumping vocals from leading ladies Barbara Tucker, Lisa Millet, Jocelyn Brown, and Michelle Weeks. Part two showcases key gentlemen of house including Robert Owens, Michael Watford, Arnold Jarvis, and more.

Part three is their gift to every MN2S fan in the land. Here you’ll find brand new exclusive re-edits of some of our most famed tracks to date – from Jon Cutler, Sofia Rubina, and Conan Liquid.

If you haven’t already done so, check out this amazing compilation. Priced at $16.99  on Beatport it’s an absolute steal!

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