Some of the best progressive house labels are young

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One of the best things about the state of the music industry in 2010 is that almost anyone, with a little time and energy, can deliver great music to the masses. Sure, the old guard still produce a lot of quality Progressive House music – but in my mind, some of the best and most innovative electronic music out there is coming from young artists and labels alike. Here are a few young Progressive House labels that are already becoming a force to be reckoned with:

Nellie Recordings

As a forward thinking newcomer, Nellie Recordings has swiftly been acclaimed as one of those labels that stand the test of time. With support from some of the strongest names in the scene, and an ever growing network – Nellie distinguishes itself by having a brilliant connection with the signed artists and a never-ending dialogue towards the rest of the world.

Starting off as a small label with an alignment towards a broad variety of trance music, more focus was given to the world of progressive house. With new management Nellie quickly showed off its strength by skillful A&R and thereby signing artists that really did a stir within the scene.

Nellie is boasting itself as the label where classic structures of progressive house and trance meet up to create surprising, yet eye-opening results. The traditional values and considerations around electronic music are taken out for a spin before being released on Nellie – hence the ambition to highlight a catalogue of releases that can’t be compared to anything else.

Always striving towards publishing the most authentic of cuts, the goal is to be home for future classics and present bombs that shine with quality and fullness throughout the whole spectrum of sounds, from the deepest bottom to the most sparkling highs. That’s what Nellie Recordings is all about.

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Silk Digital Records

Silk Digital Records began as the vision of four great friends from Moscow: Max Flyantikov (A&R), Michael Alexeev (art design), Anton Vorobiev (IT/finance), and Alex Golovanov (a.k.a Mango, music consultant). Mango’s ability as both a producer and scout for up-and-coming talent in the global progressive scene was instrumental in developing the label’s sound: a distinctive brand of melodic progressive with emotional undertones.

With further support from the Python project (owners of Carica records), Alucard, Dynamic Illusion, Arthur Deep, Embliss, Lokitas, Kintar, Retroid, and Stefan Anion, Silk Digital Records was launched in January 2008.

Two years later, parent label Silk Digital Records is now just one of four distinct electronic music divisions under the umbrella of “Silk Music Publishing”: Silk Digital records, Silk Royal records, Silk Sofa music, & Silk Textures

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Key Recordings

The latest newcomer to the world of progressive house, Key is run by U.S. and Canadian born teenagers Luke Shipstad & Nick Stoynoff.

Still in it’s infancy, after having put out their first two EPs, Key will more than likely be home to many of progressive house’s young stars. With tracks already being supported by Jaytech, and their third release just around the corner you can expect some great stuff from this young fledgling label.

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