Places to Party Before You Die – Stop 1: WMC

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A fresh new blog series focusing on the best places to bust-a-move from all across the world.

What? WMC – Winter Music Conference. A week long festival with business and pleasure (Ok, a whole lot of party pleasure!)

Where? Miami, USA
When? March (Annual)
Why? Established in 1985, WMC is the largest music industry gathering of its kind in the world.

Almost 2,000 Artists and DJs performed during last year’s WMC week in Miami & Miami Beach. Chances are that one of your favourite Jocks is will be slinging records somewhere in Miami!

The Conference:

A wide range of industry panels, guests and speakers who are involved with seminars and workshops coverings every aspect of EDM that you can think of.

  • Remixing/Editing workshops
  • Dj Spin-offs
  • VJ Challenges
  • Exhibits of the latest and greatest in audio gear
  • Demo listening workshops

Its a great place for Djs, Producers and people in “the scene” to interact, network and of course, party!

The Party:

The Annual Beatport Pool Party

As week-long festivals go, WMC is definitely something to experience.  Thousands of like-minded party people gathering to live for what they love – the music!

“During WMC the top artists and DJ’s from around the world perform live throughout Miami’s best nightspots. These five nights of non-stop club events offer a relentless line-up of talent like nowhere else in the world!”

Combine daytime beachside sets, live poolside performances and the craziness when the sun goes down, Miami during WMC is wild!

Not to mention that the Ultra Music Festival acts as the unofficial closing party of WMC. Check out last March’s lineup – see anyone here you’d care to check out live?

Big names, tonnes of events and seminars, and a great city like Miami makes WMC one of those places you need to party before you die!

If you’ve got suggestions for some of the best places to party, be sure to leave a comment below or contact me

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  • MikeyN

    Absolutely! Had the time of my life at WMC this year. It was my first time and I got to meet so many cool new people from all over the world.

    My advice – go see DJs you don't get to see very often, the ones who make the 'once in a blue moon' appearance in your city. Also, go see DJs that you normally wouldn't see. Mix it up and get some variety in there. Expose yourself to new genres. It's a learning opportunity as much as it is a party. Get to know as many people as possible while you're down there too, form some solid bonds with a good group – the more people you party with, the better the vibe. Lastly, DAY PARTIES. Unless there is someone you really want to see and they're not playing a day party, forget the clubs. The real vibe is at the pool parties. The clubs were kind of unimpressive and there was always so much hassle.

  • David Akermanis

    Right on Mikey. You've captured it really well.

    Every time I've been to WMC I've met new people that I've stayed in contact with or even had chances to collaborate with on new tunes.

    It's crazy how many accidental discoveries you'll make while you're down there too. I remember walking in to the back room of a club one night to find Emjae spinning in the back room. I had no idea he was playing there that night.

    And amen about pool parties. All the best times I've had in Miami have been poolside.