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Sports and music seem to be joined at the hipcheck. Can you picture watching an NHL highlight reel without some awesome adrenaline-pumping tune in the background? Can you imagine a huge crowd rising to their feet without the boom of an Arena Anthem pumping through the stadium’s soundsystem? I know I can’t.

We’ve got the NHL playoffs in full swing, NBA playoffs rocking and rolling, European football leagues determining their Champions, and the world’s biggest sporting event (sorry, Superbowl, we’re talking real football this time), The World Cup is only a few short months away. Time to list some of those big time electronic tunes that get people on their feet and push passionate fans to make some noise.

(Check out my list after the Jump)


Track: 2 Unlimited – No Limit
Sport Commonly Associated: All of them
Reaction: OMG it’s the 4th quarter/3rd period/80th minute and we NEED TO SCORE!


Track: Kernkraft 400 – Zombie Nation
Sport Commonly Associated: Soccer (Recently Hockey)
Reaction: GOOOOOALLLL!!!


Track: Apollo 440 – Can’t Stop the Rock
Sport Commonly Associated: Hockey/Lacrosse
Reaction: Can’t stop the rock! (duh)


Track: E-Type – Campione
Sport Commonly Associated: Soccer
Reaction: Chaaaaaampiioooooonnnnee!!


Track: 2 Unlimited – Get Ready For This
Sport Commonly Associated: Basketball
Reaction: Here we GO!


I bet you can’t get through a full game inside a sports arena without hearing this one!
Track: Darude – Sandstorm
Sport Commonly Associated: All of them
Reaction: I think I’ve heard this song before, it goes *untz untz boom tsk untz untz DODDOODOOODO*


This one’s not electronic, but who cares, it’s easily one of the best sports songs of all time.
Track: Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
Sport Commonly Associated: From Chess Tournaments to Bare Knuckle Boxing, From Street Hockey to Lawn Bowling, and everything in between.
Reaction: Adrenaline Rush

I know I’ve missed a few – Which songs do you associate with your favourite sport?

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  • http://www.ungerrose.com UngerRose

    this is so true – you don't realize how important the music is until it's missing!

  • http://www.davidakermanis.com David Akermanis

    Dude. You have no idea how badly this post made me roffle.

  • http://www.davidakermanis.com David Akermanis

    Also – I hope that bald dude catches the chick with the briefcase… OH WAIT. DARUDE!

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