Vital Radio 079 – Hour 2: NAPT

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NAPT’s high quality and unique N-Funk sound has taken them to the highest echelons of dance music worldwide. In 2008 NAPT released the two highest selling tracks in breaks and remixed the likes of chic indie band Kish Mauve, Deekline & Wizard, Calvertron and MJ Cole all of which topped sales charts.

By the start of 2009 the NAPT N-Funk machine, backed by Funkatech Records, had become unstoppable and their productions were firmly placed in top DJ bags worldwide. In the face of stiff competition NAPT swept up four dance award wins, spanning the beatport music awards and breakspoll.

We’ve got them right here, on Vital Radio

1. NAPT ft Louise Marshall – Make My Day (Funkatech Records CDR) – EXCLUSIVE NAPT
2. Basement Jaxx – Raindrops (NAPT Edit)
3. Drumattic Twins – Crazy Love (Peo de Pitte Remix)
4. Slyde – Frequency (NAPT Remix)
5. NAPT – Gotta Have More Cowbell
6. Beat Assassins ft Sweetie Irie – Boom Style
7. Kaz James ft Macy Gray – Cant Hold Back (Luke Chable & TV Rock Remix) (NAPT Edit)
8. Alex Metric – Shirley You Can’t Be Serious (NAPT Edit)
9. Phonat – Get Down My Dirty Street (NAPT Edit)
10. Shadow Dancer – Together (NAPT Edit)
11. Deekline & Wizard ft Yolanda – Back Up Coming Through (NAPT Edit)
12. Adam Freeland – Under Control (NAPT Edit)
13. NAPT – Beats And Rhymes
14. Plump DJ’s – Shifting Gears (Stanton Warriors Remix) (NAPT Giros Pjanoo Edit)
15. Pyramid ft IC3 – Wickedest Combination (NAPT Edit)
16. Jack Beats ft Dynamite MC vs Plump DJ’s – What Cow (NAPT Edit)
17. Peo Haggstrom – Be My Baby (Peo De Pitte Remix)
18. Calvertron vs Banga – Whoop NAPT Remix
19. Beat Assassins – Direct Hit
—-> Stanton Warriors ft Beatnuts – Shake It Up(Punks)
20. NAPT – N-Funk
21. Todd Terry – Can You Feel It (Trouble Soup Remix) (Distinctive)
22. Baymont Bross ft Lady Sunshine & General Levy – Wind Your Waist (NAPT Remix)
—-> Phonat – It’s For You
23. True Pseudo – Freakin’ Me Out (ULTRNX Remix) (NAPT Edit)
24. NAPT – Time You Realised
25. High Contrast – Make It Tonight
26. Baymont Bross – Club Light Instrumental (CDR)
27. Deekline & Wizard ft Yolanda – Angels (NAPT Remix)
28. Baymont Bross & Muthan Breakz ft Bestbasstard – Drop The Bass (CDR)
29. Stanton Warriors – Still Here (NAPT Edit)
—-> Pyramid – The Preacher (Funkatech Records CDR)
—-> Kid Sista – Pro Nails Rusko Remix (Fool’s Gold)
30. NAPT vs Kish Mauve – Lose Control
—-> La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream Remix) (NAPT Edit)
31. Plump DJ’s – Leave The Addict Behind (NAPT Edit)
32. Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down (NAPT Edit)
33. Alex Metric – Pins
34. Splttr – All Alone (Alex Metric Remix) (NAPT Edit)
35. Beat Assassins – Put Em Up (NAPT Remix)
36. Pendulum – Out Here
37. Phonat – Set Me Free

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