Vital Radio 067 – Hour 2: Dj Endgame & The Plump Dj’s

| Monday, March 1st, 2010 | No Comments »

Dj Endgame Minimix

The Plump Djs Minimix

Breakbeat was slumbering away peacefully before the Plump DJs gave it a loud wakeup call with their first release ‘Electric Disco/Plumpy Chunks’ in 1999. With thundering momentum, their critically acclaimed productions reformatted dancefloors and perceptions, and set new production standards. Some were scared silly, few fell back asleep, but many jumped up for a shower of Plump freshness. And an alarming universal consensus was formed. Everyone wanted a piece of the Plump pie, and fat was in.

Well Vital Radio gets their piece of the Plump pie this week, as the Plump Djs hit the decks for a hard-hitting minimix.

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