Top 10 Electronic Music Videos of All Time

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More often than not, some of the best Electronic Music tunes have less than average music videos, if at all. However from time to time some gems shine through. Here is a compilation of some of my picks for best EDM music videos of all time! Enjoy the sights and sounds!

10. The Knife – Silent Shout
The music syncopation and animation quality is beautiful. Very visually enticing.

9. Pendulum – Slam
The man has some seriously dope moves. Pure energy!
YouTube Preview Image

8. Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At?
I’ve always had a weakness for monkeys… especially ones that play massive tunes.

7. RUN-DMC vs Jason Nevins – It’s Like That
Classic hip-hop house + sick break dancing. Nuff said.

6. Free Agents ft DJ Kemo – Clash of the Titans
Although the tag at the start of the video says “rapcity”, this is as much electronic music as any of the other videos. Break beats, turntabilism and sick break dancing on a f*ckin’ bus! Can’t go wrong.

5. The Chemical Brothers ft. K-OS – Get Yourself High
Very clever editing of old martial arts film “2 Champions of Shaolin”. Love the edits to include turntables, records and boom boxes.

4. The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
Some people go to the race track for some excitement… but what’s the fun in that? Nobody gets hurt. The general concept of this race is awesome.

3. Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice
Christopher Walken. Dancing. The End.

2. Justice – Stress
Shot with such realism, this music video gave me chills. Also, ever since watching this, whenever I’m walking in a group of people wearing black jackets, I’m reminded of this video. Bad-ass.

1. Royksopp – Remind Me
As a Master of Architecture student, I was automatically drawn to this video. No surprise that this is number one on the list. Entertaining to watch every time. Axonometric diagrams FTW!

What are some of your favorite EDM music video picks? Let us know!

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  • Rob Loach

    The Top 10 Electronic videos of all time? But I don't see Bomfunk MC's Freestyler!

  • Caesarg96

    Luke Vibert – “Breakbeat Metal Music”

  • Playlistprofessional

    here are 150 more

  • loona

    would you happen to remember a music video about a Radio? It becomes a superstar then it gets famous and ends up trying to commit suicide in a bathtub? then tries to do a comeback and an alarm “siren” takes all the fans? The song was something like “i remember i remember i remember your face!” mahn! its driving me crazy! thx!
    (cool list there btw)

  • Norman

    No WAY!!. I've spent years trying to remember that freaking song. It's driving me crazy too. If you happen to stumble with the video, I will thank you a lo, i mean A LOT!!!

  • Pottage

    I know this post's over a year old, but had to add my two cents. One of my all time favourite electronic videos is Venetian Snares – Szamar Madar. Epic electronic tunes mixing orchestral instruments with some crazy drum beats, and the video's great too. Not quite sure what the message is supposed to be, but its a dark, atmospheric video that I think really goes with the tune.

  • Christopher Barth

    I've been looking for it too!

  • Christopher Barth

    I found it by searching for songs around 1998+ (Bjork's Alarm Call release)

  • Natakrusty

    HELP! I ve spent most of my life trying to remember the name of the song in which kelli garner is a girl who goes to many castings for models and her mother takes her by car. She says something like: “it’s the max!” in a publicity…can you remember? pleeeeeeeeeease?