Interesting Facts About the Venues That Bring Us Loud Music

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Where do you best enjoy hearing your loud music? Big nightclubs? Lounges? Concert halls for bands?

They all have a few particular things associated with them that might scare, hurt, confuse, amuse, entice, or defer you. I’d like to share some of these facts with you:

Large nightclubs usually pump out about 3 to 5 watts per person, based on the number of people they’d like to accommodate in the room. If the in-house audio-tech is a good one, he/she will scale the volume of the system to the size of the crowd over the course of the night. If he’/she isn’t so good, they just leave it at a somewhat nominal, but over-necessary volume level.

These large nightclub sound systems can hit decibel readings of 140dB .. equivalent to a jet engine standing 2 meters away from you (this would cause deafness within 30-45 minutes of exposure!)

Your ears ringing after being at a nightclub is caused by a poorly tuned system. This is NOT the DJ’s fault. Most lounges and small-sized nightclubs try to compensate for their size by pumping their sound systems louder by up to 6 or 7 watts per person. This is not only wasteful, but makes people deaf much faster than they ought to be.

If the venue has paid for a really decent sound system, it will in essence delay how fast the bass and treble come out of the speakers to make it sound better. This could be a delay between .1 milliseconds and 1 second depending on the room and speakers.

The disco ball is easily the ONLY lit item necessary in a good venue (non-substantiated, but I don’t care)

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Some more interesting facts:

  • The lazers at the venues that have them for light shows, CAN blind a person VERY easily.
  • You can cook an egg on an amplifier that has been running in “bridged mode” for 6+ hours.
  • You can cook an egg on an amplifier that has been fed poor-quality music (by technical measures)
  • There is no sex in the champagne room (Thank you Chris Rock)
  • Coat check staff can and sometimes do try on your jackets in shady nightclubs
  • It is said that most girls that go to nightclubs with their friends are ALWAYS sharking
  • It is said that most guys that go to nightclubs with their friends KNOW that the girls are sharking
  • Bouncers can always be paid off. Every person has a price
  • There are few and possibly no number of DJs that enjoy taking requests, unless they are wedding, top40, hip-hop, or radio DJs. We are not your personified iPod.
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