Avantgarde Dance Shenanigans

| Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 | No Comments »

There is no shortage of funky, avantgarde dance moves when Vital is involved. Here are some of the so fresh and so clean dance moves of some of Vital’s favorite Toronto people:

Have your own clever dance maneuvers? Share them with us!

The Chugsalot:

The Karate Kid:

Zee Master Chef(ette):

The Spiderman:

The P ‘Arrrrr’ ty Pirate:

The Invisible Box:

The Hail Mary:

The Shotgun:

The Tune-Analyzer:

The Classic Cheers:

The Richard Nixon:

The Stationary Cactus:

The Chun-Li:

The Laundry Inspector:

The Crystal Ball:

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